Construction Cleaning

When you think of Seattle construction cleaners, think Ladonna’s. Our Seattle based customers enjoy clean facilities and streamlined operations because we bring expertise to every job.

Ladonna’s Seattle based operations makes a clear difference. We believe that good cleaning and management techniques start with good people. We’ve found that this means employees take their time to meet our high standards (and yours).

By using Ladonna’s your able to focus on your business, simply leave the dirty work to us. For our customers in Seattle, Ladonna’s comprehensive construction janitorial services help your business look good … always.

Perhaps more importantly, Ladonna’s Construction Cleaning Service understands and even expects a frenzied pace and often a rather chaotic work environment as construction crews are often putting on the finishing touches as we clean around them to meet your tight deadline.

Are there Seattle janitorial services and construction cleaning service companies that can underbid us? Maybe but bargain-rate service providers may cost you more in the long run if their lack of accountability causes you to spend time managing them. With Ladonna’s and our proven processes, you save costs without ever compromising quality.

Our post construction clean up and Remodel cleaning services include:

  • architects
  • developers
  • contractors
  • building managers
  • real estate companies
  • mortgage companies
  • retailers
  • heavy industry manufacturers
  • building associations
  • condo associations
  • industrial complexes

We Understand that Seattle Post Construction Cleanup is “Intense”. Unlike most other cleaning services, post construction cleanup is not an 8 to 4, Monday thru Friday affair. Often, long, very long weekends are required, weeknights (in order to work around crews who are still finishing their work), even some burning of the proverbial midnight oil.

As far as getting the job done, no matter what it takes, you have our personal commitment to providing you the utmost in service and care with your Seattle post construction cleanup project.