Who hasn’t had to clean up after a special event before? If you haven’t your lucky and if you have they you know just what incredible slobs people could be! After all they are there to enjoy the event not to worry about the mess! Yes, special events tend to produce a very special kind of a mess. But don’t worry just hire our cleaning company to clean up after your next party and we’ll take care of it for you. Our detailed services include the cleaning of tables and food prep areas, garbage removal, and more.

Having a Special Event Party?

Our Seattle based Special Event Cleaning Services have been carefully mastered to perfection through experience. We always use the best equipment available and thoroughly train our cleaning staff to use it. We know that the last thing you want to do when you have had a good time is to have to clean up. So why not contact us and let us do all the hard work while you enjoy the after party mood.

After your event is over, our special event cleaning service staff will come wipe down the tables and provide complete breakdown services. During this process, we will remove all trash and clean the floors. Our final walk-through will ensure that the complete area has been cleaned.

With large events, the clean-up before, during, and after the event often becomes unmanageable. Have you ever had to clean the confetti that drops from the ceiling at that special moment? The confetti may be absolutely necessary, but cleaning up every speck of it is never easy, no matter how many vacuums and mops you use. Our professional staff has special knowledge and tools that are required to clean areas properly and efficiently. We can get those difficult to clean areas spotless. After all that’s what we do!

During the event, they can change out those garbage cans, clean up spills and forgotten food or drinks, and so forth, freeing you to keep things running smoothly.

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