One of our favorite things to do is to work as a team and tackle difficult jobs. This was a refrigerator that hadn’t been cleaned in over a year. The mold was everywhere. It’s like set to return it back to clean. It’s is an art. I have people who work for me who are…



These are some of the woman in my crew. I am not a detail cleaner so I surround myself with woman who are extremely detail oriented. It’s like art. I am able to do the first round They are able to come behind me and detail out my work Detail work is truly an art…



We often get move outs where the tenant has damaged the apartment we are able to restore the floors with s lot of hard work, bleach and scrubbing bits amazing what hard work and a good crew can do to a damaged apartment move out


This is my dog Lucy looking for squirrels st Woodlawn. She will sit quietly for five minutes waiting for a squirrel. She of course never catches them. I believe it’s like television for her bits better than Animal Planet Ladonna’s Cleaning Service – A cleaning service specializing in move out cleaning, house cleaning, construction cleaning and more.…